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Pickup & Shipping

Picking up your puppy at our house.


Pick up times are made by appointment. With a busy family, we appreciate you arriving at your appointed time.


Please do not plan your visit for a Sunday, as we do not do puppy business on Sundays.  



Picking up your puppy at the airport.


We normally offer two types of air shipping. The first is a flight nanny that accompanies your puppy in cabin. The second is regular cargo shipping. Due to COVID19 cargo shipping is very limited and likely unavailable. The best method we have found at the current time is the flight nanny option. Please inquire about costs and availability.

If your puppy is being delivered via flight nanny he/she will be handed off at our airport, taken in cabin as a “carry on,” and handed over to you at your airport. Once we have a requested flight date we contact the nanny service and they take it from there (including contacting you via text). This pricess usually is completed in the 3-4 days leading up to the requested flight date as flight nannies book very last minute and often fly “standby.” Some flexibility is required, however it is rare that they are unable to complete the trip on the requested day.

If your puppy is being air shipped via air cargo, you will need to show a photo ID to claim your puppy. If you have a lengthy drive home from the airport, bring along some paper towels, perhaps some rubber gloves, and some fresh bedding for the crate. If the puppy has messed whole enroute you can pitch the soiled newspaper, replace it with some clean bedding or old towels, making your ride home from the airport a little more pleasant! It’s also a good idea to take along some water to offer your puppy before the drive home.

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