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How  We Raise Them

Our priority at Prairie View Puppies is RAISING puppies! What does that mean? This means that we are very intentional in the care and upbringing of each of our puppies. We want to place happy, healthy, and intelligent puppies with great families! All of our of our adults are DNA health tested to prevent puppies from presenting any of the genetic issues that can be tested for. Socialization and development are also very important to us. We begin this process at a very young age with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). This begins when the pups are just 3 days old and continues until the pups are 3 weeks old! After ENS we begin our other daily handling exercises. This includes rubbing ears, covering eyes, touching gums, rubbing backs & bellies, touching paws, tapping nails, gently tugging tails, and touching noses. Each week we gradually increase pressure to desensitize pups and make sure they are used to handling. Puppies also experience a number of exposure activities & items. Some of these things include toys (stuffed, rubber, and rope), small steps, hard surface flooring, carpet, concrete, gravel, grass/turf, brooms, and a crate. Once it is safe for pups (weather wise) they have 24/7 indoor/outdoor access via a doggy door. This helps tap into the same instinct that crate training uses. Pups start to go outside to go potty to avoid doing so in their "safe space/den" where they sleep. This helps with potty training in their new homes as they are used to all the "wonderful" weather conditions the Midwest has to offer! While we don't begin any formal training with your pups, we do want them to be well adjusted and ready to be loved by you!

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