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The Kooimas



   We wanted to share a little bit about us. We are Justin, Vanessa, Sadie, & Reggie Kooima!

   After dating for about two years we were engaged and later married on June 26, 2015. On October 12, 2018 Sadie Jane joined the family with Reggie arriving on September 23, 2021! We first lived in an apartment in Sioux Center, IA while Vanessa finished college. During this time we weren't able to raise many puppies, but we were actively looking for an acreage so we could start Prairie View Puppies! We eventually discovered an acreage with a dog boarding business that was coming up for auction. The owners had built a brand new facility in 2012 complete with an office, indoor suites, and large outdoor exercise pens for taking care of people's pets. After thinking about it we realized that starting with such a new & spacious facility would be a great way for us to begin raising our own puppies. We closed the boarding business, did some minor remodeling, picked a name, and started raising Prairie View Puppies! This turned into a full time occupation for the whole family, and we are all involved at different levels. We continue to make improvements for the betterment of our dogs, puppies, and new puppy families!

How did it all start?

   I grew up on an acreage near Hull & Vanessa on a farm near Boyden. When I was around 9 years old Dad brought home a chocolate lab we named Sarge. After only a couple of years we lost Sarge when he got hit on the road. This was devastating for me, but eventually Misty arrived and a few years after that she had her first litter of puppies! After raising a few litters of purebred labs (and many tearful goodbyes) I begged my parents to start raising more puppies. They agreed and it eventually became a huge part of our lives. Vanessa's family also had a few litters of pups over the years, but in a little less initial manner when the neighbor's dog showed up at the "wrong" time! After growing up, moving out, and getting married, Vanessa & I wanted to continue to be a part of raising and placing puppies in new homes. There were so many valuable life lessons learned with the whole process! Dedication, hard work, love, responsibility, caring for someone/something beyond yourself, character building (cleaning up poop ;) ), and a sense of community with fellow "dog people"!  We want our kids to grow up with the same experiences, and help each family we place a puppy with do the same!

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