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F1B Miniature Goldendoodles

A F1B Miniature Goldendoodle is a cross between an F1 Miniature Goldendoodle and a Miniature Poodle. This results in a puppy that is 3/4 miniature poodle and 1/4 golden retriever. While genetics aren't perfectly predictable, our F1B miniature puppies are generally smaller and curlier than our F1 miniature puppies.  They are expected to mature around 15-20 lbs and about 12 inches tall. Since an F1B miniature is smaller and curlier they are ideally suited for a family that is slightly less active, or are very concerned about allergy/shedding issues. If you are looking for a smaller doodle that is still active, playful and has a wonderful temperament then a F1B might be right for you! 

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Indie - F1 (Only F1B mother)
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