Future L:tters

F1 Mini  Goldendoodles

F1B Mini  Goldendoodles

F1 Mini  Bernedoodles

Early Deposit / Wait List

Depositors on this list have first right of refusal on any newly confirmed litters. Due to the current length of the waiting list it will not be necessary to direct your deposit to a specific litter until pups are born and we can get an accurate count. After the deposits have been directed anyone is free to place deposits on a specific litter/gender.   

F1 Mini Goldendoodles
1. A. McTaggart (Spring)
F1 Mini Bernedoodles

1. M. Button

2. W. Kosel

3. A. Mitchell (Tri)

4. A. Rahn

5. J. Rosenbaum

F1B Mini Goldendoodles

Potential Litter Ready in October

1. L. Nikla

2. H. Streit

3. A. Brown

4. J. Lea

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