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F1 Mini  Goldendoodles

F1B Mini  Goldendoodles

F1 Mini  Bernedoodles

Early Deposit / Wait List

  If you would like to reserve your spot you may make a deposit and join our wait list below. Once puppies are born we will work our way down the wait list. People on the waitlist will have the first chance to direct their deposit to a specific litter and gender. After that new deposits will be accepted for any available slots.     

F1 Mini Goldendoodles
1. K. Hart (Scout)   
2. C. Cunningham (Roxy)
3. C. Stratman (Izzy)
4. Q. Sonntag (Roxy or Izzy)
5. H. Klein (Izzy)
6. M. Levey (2 Summer Pups)
7. L. Villotta
8. K. Mismach
9. B. Fang
10. B. Lauf
11. D. Nelson
12. K. Corson
13. M. Lowe
F1 Mini Bernedoodles 
1. M. Piccolo
2. T. Hines
3. J. Smith
4. A. O'Hara
5. M. Schmidt
6. S. Leeper
7. M. Sis

See Skye's litter

F1B Mini Goldendoodles

Possible July Go Home Date

1.M. Cruz

2. J. Strope

3. S. Hendershot

4. T. Milgram

5. L. Rogers

6. B. Vonheeder

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Sheldon, Iowa

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