Skye & Ace

F1    Mini Bernedoodles

Date of Birth: Aug 14

Ready for new homes: Oct 9

Estimated mature weight:  35-40 lbs


Puppies have arrived! Skye is a beautiful 65lbs Bernese Mountain Dog with a wonderful laid back personality! Ace is a tri color 15lb Miniature Poodle who is super friendly and loves attention. I expect the puppies to mature between 35 & 40 lbs depending on the pup! If you would like to reserve a puppy we are accepting deposits for any of the open slots on our lists! Once the pups are 5 weeks we will assist in making specific puppy selections in order of the litter/gender/color lists. Deposits will be refundable until the pups are old enough to select from. Deposits can be made with Paypal or Venmo and are $500.

Male 421 4lb 5oz Phantom "Patch" B. Vokolek

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Male 806 4lb 1oz "Swish" J. Rosenbaum

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Male 420 3lb 15oz Phantom "Dot" C. Hajek

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Male 803 4lb 4oz Phantom "Dash"  M. Dahl

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Male 802 4lb 6oz  "Stripe" W. Kosel

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Female 807 3lb 6oz Tri "Boots"  M. Button

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Female 804 3lb 7oz Tri "Splash"  A. Mitchell

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Female 419 3lb 4oz Phantom "Spot" D. Williams

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Skye & Ace's Previous Litter at 5 weeks of age

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