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Referral Rewards!

We have decided to add a "Referral Rewards" program as a way to say THANK YOU to our past and current doodle families whose recommendation leads to the placement of a new puppy! We know many of you are willing to spread the word about Prairie View Puppies and we appreciate that SO MUCH!

Going forward anyone that already has one of our puppies or has a deposit down is eligible for the program! All you have to do is convince a friend, family member, acquaintance, or even stranger that they NEED a Prairie View Pup and then let us know you sent them! Once they have made their deposit and confirmed who referred them we will send you a customized "Prairie View Pups" KONG water bottle for your doodle's hydration needs!

The KONG H20 water bottle is a fun & easy way to bring along water during your doodle's adventures. It holds 25oz of water, conveniently fits in a cup holder, and has a clip on top for easy transportation. The bottle is made of food grade stainless steel and the lid acts as the water bowl! Simply unscrew, pour in the water, and re-hydrate!

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