Nala & Rex

F1    Miniature Goldendoodles

Birth Date: March 6

Ready for new homes: May 1

Estimated mature weight:  25-35 pounds


Pups have arrived! 7 males and 3 females. I will begin to work my way down the waitlist to move deposits to a specific gender. Pups will be ready to go around May 1. Nala a a smaller dark red Golden Retriever who is 45lbs. Rex is a curly dark red 12 lb Miniature Poodle. They will most likely be non shedding and mature between 25 & 35lbs. If you would like to join our WAITLIST we ask for a $200 deposit. Once puppies arrive we will work our way down the waitlist to direct deposits to a male or female.  Deposits can be made with the Buy Now Paypal button or with Venmo.

1. S. Konstant
2. M. DeYounge
1. A. Urness
2. H. Maxwell
3. B. Meyerink
4. K. Lenz
5. S. Van Whye
6. T. Becker
7. K. Kirkebak

Female 281 1lb 6oz

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Female 303 2lb 3oz

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Male 302 1lb 11oz

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Male 278 2lb 10oz

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Male 305 2lb 5oz

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Male 280 1lb 7oz

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Male 304 3lb 3oz

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Male 279 2lb 3oz

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Male 277 3lb 6oz

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