Lucky & Rex

F1    Miniature Goldendoodles

Date of Birth:  April 4

Ready for new homes: May 30

Estimated mature weight:  25-35 pounds


This Litter is SOLD OUT

Puppies have arrived! 4 males and 4 females! They are F1 Miniature Goldendoodles. Lucky is a dark red medium sized 65 lb Golden Retriever. Rex is a curly dark red 12 lb Miniature Poodle. They will most likely be non shedding and mature between 25 & 35lbs.  Reserve yours today using the Buy Now button and making a $200 deposit!

Male 222 4lb 5oz Selected L. Barcelo

Male 225 4lb 3oz Selected A. Fuller

Male 224 3lb 13oz Selected K. Anthofer

Male 227 4lb 2oz Selected M. Browning

Female 361 3lb 13oz Selected J. Mauer

Female 226 3lb 10oz Selected M. Roder

Female 228 2lb 11oz Selected N. Welte

Female 223 3lb 9oz Selected L. Loosbrock

After making a deposit please send a follow up email stating which litter and gender your deposit is for.   



What you can expect their pups to look like:

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