Izzy & Canyon

F1    Miniature Goldendoodles

Date of Birth: October 22, 2020

Read for new homes:  Dec 17

Estimated mature weight:  25-35 pounds


Izzy & Canyon's 8 pups have arrived! Izzy is a medium red 50 lb Golden Retriever. Canyon is an apricot colored Miniature Poodlethat weighs 14lbs. Pups will be a mixture of apricot and lighter red. They should mature between 25 & 35lbs.

Female 866 2lb 6oz On Hold

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Female 841 2lb 7oz J. Seifert

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Female 867 2lb 6oz B. Hinrichs

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Female 864 2lb 2oz K. Gonderinger

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Female 865 2lb 7oz J. Miller

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Female 840 2lb 11oz C. Jansen

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Female 862 3lb 5oz C. Robin

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Male 863 2lb 6oz A. Barry

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One of Izzy's Previous Pups

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