F1    Miniature Goldendoodles

Birth Date: January 16

Go Home Date: March 13

Estimated mature weight:  25-35 pounds

Bolt & Tyke


Pregnancy has been confirmed for Bolt & Tyke! Bolt is a dark red Golden Retriever that weighs 60 lbs. Tyke is a 10lb dark red Miniature Poodle. Puppies will average about 25-35lbs when mature! You can use either Paypal or Venmo to make your $200 deposit to be added to our WAITLIST.

Male 883 4lb 12oz C. Safly

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Male 884 4lb 3oz M. Ramaeker

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Male 882 3lb 10oz A. Jacobson

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Male 821 3lb 12oz S. Felt

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Female 885 3lb 12oz J. Johnson

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Female 887 2lb 2oz T. Elmore

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Female 886 4lb 2oz M. Peters

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Female 820 4lb J. Schwinghammer

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After making a deposit please send a follow up email stating which litter and gender your deposit is for.   



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